Improving reaction with Okkulo

Founded in the North East of England, Okkulo has created a world-first system using vision and light science to help improve reaction times in athletes of all levels. Their unique training environment, the Okkulo system is scientifically proven, improves the reaction time of professional athletes across a range of sporting endeavours. Premier League as well as Premiership clubs are already using Okkulo to improve their performance.
Okkulo is set for further growth after securing an investment to take the business onto an international scale. Therefore Okkulo signs a partnership contract with Dutch Sport eXperience.

Leading international clubs have used the Okkulo technology at their academy at the Blue Flames sports centre in Benton, North Tyneside. Mel O’Connor, who created the Okkulo concept, focus primarily on football players and clubs. Due to the positive reactions, Okkulo is now developing its offering to cover other sports including baseball, cricket, boxing and rugby.

“Okkulo is a training system like no other. We do not teach technique, we do not tell the athlete what to eat or how to hydrate, we can’t make the athlete run faster, jump higher or have better agility. We do something different – we work behind the eyes – we make the athlete better able to see the ball and quicker, with objective unparalleled science. This gives the athlete more time to make a decision, more time to think about the next move, the move after that and then some. Okkulo provides a quick natural way to improve above and beyond and quickly. We can improve an elite athletes reactions and decisions at the beginning of their career, during and even more importantly at the final stages. We can prolong the career of every athlete, bring them back up to speed after injury and accelerate the process of youth players to first team. Okkulo is something an elite athlete must have to get to that next level. We welcome you to Okkulo – the clear path to being the best you can be.” explains Mel O’Connor, CEO Okkulo.

“We came across Okkulo through a close contact in England. In our talks we came to the conclusion we could support Okkulo in their ambition. Besides its great innovation, Okkulo consists also of great people. That’s also important for us. We open our network for them to explore the opportunities in Europe and beyond.” says Arno Hermans, Founder Sport eXperience.

Sport eXperience operates on an international level to bring sports, vitality, innovation and entrepreneurship to the next level. Through international cross-sectoral thinking the sports innovation sector comes fully to fruition. Based in The Netherlands, Sport eXperience benefits from one of Europe’s most connected economies and Europe’s leading high tech regions. We craft together with the entrepreneurs sustainable companies in sports and vitality.

“To work with Dutch Sport eXperience is an incredible opportunity for the team at Okkulo. We did our research and it was clear that Arno and Aswin have exactly what it takes to present Okkulo to the fast paced world of sport. We know we are in safe hands, having spoken to many different companies who have first hand experience of working with Dutch Sport eXperience. It’s a pleasure to collaborate” explains Mel O’Connor.

 Improving reaction with Okkulo

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