There are 400 million runners world-wide. If it were a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world. It would be bigger than the US and France combined. And the great opportunity is that the Chinese and Indians are only just picking up running. So we are talking about a huge, global and affluent market.
The vast majority of those 400 million runners are casual runners. They find it difficult to motivate themselves in their own city as running is in competition with family time, work & other hobbies. And when runners are travelling, they never know where to go, which discourages many of them. So it is difficult to stay motivated both at home and away.

80% of runners live and work in cities. Runners represent such a large proportion of residents and visitors that cities and their eco-system (hotels, airlines, transport companies, insurance companies, etc.) have to offer them engaging running solutions. Cities fight against each other in a fierce national and international competition for being the most engaging and nicest city to visit, live and work in.

We give our users a reason to run through several methods:
1. We entertain them thanks to curated touristic tours, fun facts and the description of points of interest along the way.
2. We challenge them with distances they are not used to running or steep hills for example.
3. We propose optional feel good actions such as picking up some litter on the way.
4. We reward them for their efforts. With Runnin’City, they earn points based on their activities. They can then exchange them against goodies, product discounts, free hotel nights, etc.


Runnin’City is a smartphone app with which runners (and walkers) can discover over 200 cities around the world. Runnin’City guides the user through the city and comments on the points of interest as they run past them. Runnin’City is a combination of an audio GPS and a digital tourist guide available in 5 languages. It also now integrates “big data” to improve the customer experience with regard to health and wellbeing. The most impressive feature being the integration of street-by-street, real-time air quality and allergies data to help users avoid the most polluted and uncomfortable areas.

Runnin’City is a running app that is complementary to other running apps such as ASICS Runkeeper, Nike Plus or Strava: it focuses on the users’ experience rather than their performance, as we believe that demand for experience is far bigger than the one for performance. Runners are really using Runnin’City: they have run 8 times around the planet with the app.

Sport Experience represents Runnin’City in Denmark and The Netherlands. If you have any questions or like to discuss the possibilities, feel free to contact:
Arno Hermans: | +31 (0)6 22 528 705
Aswin Steenhof: | +31 (0)6 53 579 052