Development of data driven skateboarding

In 2020, skateboarding will make its debut on the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Although skateboarding is gaining in popularity and professionalism in Germany and the Netherlands, the inability to measure data of a skateboarding performance prevents the sport to grow even further. Ca7 and Sport Experience aim to develop a set of measurement tools to

Supporting Eindhoven startups

Sport Experience is currently involved in the Vitality Living Lab in Eindhoven. 8 ambitious entrepreneurs are working with our proven methods in an accelerator program. From January on we share our expertise and supporting them with their next steps. Also our network contributes to this knowledge transfer. We focus on the business validation. This accelerator

From 18 to 19

WHAT DID 2018 BRING US? When travelling, you always meet great people with great ideas. They inspire you to keep on going and it made us rethink Sport Experience. We experienced different cultures, gained new market insights and discovered hidden gems on our visits to Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Latvia, Turkey as well