Going digital with skateboarding

Dutch Sport eXperience and German CA7 are excited to continue their push to innovate skateboarding. Following our feasibility study “Development of innovative data collection products for skateboarding as an olympic sport” from December 2019, we were also granted the M5 stage subsidy of the Digipro Program to explore sensor and video based data collection automation.

Improving reaction with Okkulo

Founded in the North East of England, Okkulo has created a world-first system using vision and light science to help improve reaction times in athletes of all levels. Their unique training environment, the Okkulo system is scientifically proven, improves the reaction time of professional athletes across a range of sporting endeavours. Premier League as well

Ede renews public space

The Dutch municipality of Ede asked Sport eXperience to inspire them how to look at public space from a different perspective. For municipal representatives Sport eXperience share international urban sports planning initiatives as well as trends. How to accommodate different functions and cross sectoral thinking as well as innovations. In October 2020 Sport eXperience will