picasion.com_cbaa274b3813cbe67aa12fdb4df77614Sport eXperience unleashes business potential in sports
Sport eXperience helps sport startups, entrepreneurs and established innovative companies to rapidly gain new business insights. Our compact Design Thinking program enables acceleration to explore new markets and/or developing new product propositions. Sport eXperience uniquely challenges all entrepreneurs with their Customer Centric approach and international growth ambitions.

Society benefits from sport innovations
Sports has an enormous impact on our well-being. It increases the quality of everyday live. When used in a sports context, social as well as technological innovations can make shifts happen. For example: when aerospace makes their research available for social issues, when Formula1 helps to improve safety and energy consumption, how cycling technologies now improve social mobility, how running techniques improve revalidation in health care. The possibilities are endless. And so is your business potential. The Sport eXperience program helps you realize similar parallels between sports, innovation and business to create new value for society.

Gateway to the world
Sport eXperience is the first and only Sports Accelerator in The Netherlands. Our hands-on and result-driven accelerator program stimulates the cooperation between all stakeholders to create new sport ventures. We work closely with experts from (inter)national sports related associations, companies, governmental organisations as well as sport startups, scaleups, investors and international accelerators and incubators.
Our platform and global partner network offers you a fast gateway to Europe – and the rest of the world – whenever you decide to start or scale your sport business.