Sport eXperience offer their services to support sports companies in their international growth ambition. When you have limited time and like an immediate response on your business, we offer you this online service through Skype. You share your business challenge / question and we’ll be happy to support you with our expertise.
All meetings are limited to 60 minutes and we charge a fixed price of € 75,- per online meeting.

When unconventional thinking is necessary, when excellence in chaos creates opportunities and for those looking for creativity on command, that is where Arno feels at home. His strengths are to initiate, chase, organize, connect and push to add value to a company in motion. Basically, he is a born Business Initiator. His commitment and enthusiasm inspires people. With his technology background and commercial experience enabling him to connect both worlds.
Meet Arno Hermans online and share your challenge. Here’s his calendar link to make finding time easy.