Danish GAME creates lasting social change

Sport eXperience and GAME team up to create lasting social change in The Netherlands. GAME is a fast growing, innovative NGO recognized as one of the world’s 150 best NGO’s. Founded in 2002 in Denmark with a mission to create lasting social change through youth-led street sports and culture, GAME establishes innovative facilities and trains youth-leaders as instructors and role models in street sports and civil society.
Since 2017 Sport eXperience knows the people behind GAME and its principals. In 2019 Sport eXperience met them in Aalborg and Copenhagen. Since then both parties started the talks to cooperate to bring GAME to The Netherlands. And supporting them in Belgium.

International playmakers
Within GAME the young volunteers, Playmakers, lead practices in street basketball, street football, street dance, and parkour in underserved communities throughout Denmark, Ghana, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, and Somaliland. GAME trains local youth to become volunteer GAME Playmakers. The training prepares young people to lead weekly practices in street sports and street culture events. Empowerment, life skills, teamwork, gender equality, and civil society is part of the Playmaker training. GAME Playmakers serve as role models in underserved, marginalized communities and they are an important part of the social change that GAME works toward.

Sport eXperience can now officially say: #WELOVEASPHALT

More info on GAME: http://gamedenmark.org/en/.
Contact Victor Beerkens for The Netherlands at: victor@sportexperience.org.

Dutch startups during IDAN’s Sport Innovation Day; october 2017
GAME Copenhagen during the inspiration trip; november 2019
 Danish GAME creates lasting social change

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