Discover cities while running

Mile Positioning Solutions (Runnin’City), the developers of the award-winning Runnin’City app, continues to expand with the appointment of Dutch-based Sport Experience as its business partner in Denmark and The Netherlands.

“Sport Experience offer their services to support sports companies in their international growth ambition. We see Runnin’City bringing a new dimension into the running experience. We hardly know our own city and it’s great to discover new cities while running.“ explains Arno Hermans, Business Initiator at Sport Experience.

“We are delighted to work with Sport Experience who we believe will be extremely successful in growing the Runnin’City brand in The Netherlands and Denmark. “ says Christophe Minodier, co-founder at Mile. “Runnin’City is already very successful in Belgium thanks to our local business partner. We are now trying to replicate that success in The Netherlands & Denmark. The Dutch and Danes are very sport and technology savvy and are already running with Runnin’City”. says Olivier Lebleu, co-founder of Mile Positioning Solutions. “We are now going to propose cities, hospitality industry members and generally speaking all brands who wish to push the running to create engaging running experiences through the Runnin’City app.”


 Discover cities while running

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