Sports Tech Campus

Sports nowadays faces many challenges. How to keep up with our ever-changing society, our continious drive for improvement and our drive to push boundaries. It’s where entrepreneurs determine the future of sports.

The Sports Tech Campus is the world’s first open platform dedicated to entrepreneurs in the sports and vitality sector sharing their innovation. It’s an international platform where entrepreneurs meet eachother and other sports stakeholders.

Dutch company Sport Experience created a way to portrait the companies to support sports representatives. The companies are organized by country with their own personal characteristics. At the Sports Tech Campus key indicators are trends, technologies, sports, themes and other sectors. Only this way you are able to compare and find the right companies. And also organise and invite them for specific events.

Although Denmark is a relatively small country, it’s well-known for it’s design and innovation climate. It’s obvious the sportstech community adds significant value for the Danes and beyond. With companies like Boblberg, Hooves, Intelligent Marking, Motosumo, Re-Match, RFRSH, Rokoko, SHFT, Tonsser, Trackman, Twinbody, VEO Technologies and many more, Denmark will play an important role in the future of sportstech.
The Danes understand internationalisation is crucial to scale their business. Copenhagen, therefore, plays an important role as ideal gateway to discover the Baltics and Nordics. It’s no surprise around 75% of all sport related startups have their seat in the Danish capital.

Did you know The Netherlands hosts over 140 sportstech companies. It’s the first country to benefit from the Campus. With companies like 3Dmouthguard, AAA-Lux, Beyond Sports, Content Stadium, DashTag, DISQ, Fitmanager, Gymeyes, IPOS Technology, JOHAN Sports, Leading Courses, MyCujoo, Mylaps, Ockyz, SciSports, Smartgoals, Ultimateinstability, Usono and many more, The Netherlands is a real front-runner in the sportstech industry. Besides the platform, all profiled companies meet eachother during the events.
The first meetup dealt with field hockey. And in September they will meet during dinner. As female founders like to meet other women in sportstech, they will have a meetup later this year as well as meetups on additive manufacturing, data analytics, finance, subsidy, swimming and translation. For next year we work on a Holland House during Scandinavians largest sportsfair.

For entrepreneurs it’s crucial to have an international focus. To connect Denmark and The Netherlands, we will add Cyprus and Luxembourg as next countries during the next period. Don’t underestimate the contribution of both countries to the European community. Sport Experience is currently talking in 10 European countries to further expand the campus.
Looking at Denmark (100) and The Netherlands (140), we believe Europe hosts around 2.500 sportstech related companies. We share all these companies with the stakeholders in the industry. The Sports Tech Campus shows who is out there as an entrepreneur. can be visited since June 4 and launched during The Netherlands Sports Analytics Conference at the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam. From August 30 everybody can visit the Danish version. it was launched during the Idraetsmodet in Aalborg.

 Sports Tech Campus

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