Sport eXperience update #3 2016

With the first edition, Sport eXperience learned a lot. After 100 interviews we got the feeling The Netherlands was ready for Sport eXperience. In November 2015 we decided to start. That’s the biggest lesson we learned, DO IT! We didn’t have anything to lose, we could only win. And it exceeded our expectations. And still being critical on what, how and why we do this. We move forward rapidly!
With our experience we made the acceleration we hoped for. Four Dutch companies worked in a real open innovation setting. All at one table, sharing knowledge and being critical to eachother. Even when we had an open lecture from former Cervélo CEO Gérard Vroomen, Eindhoven companies could feel the vibe. In the end the entrepreneurs delivered the pitch quality we hoped for. And we prepared them in just five sessions!

International expansion
For the first time this news update is in English. Not only Dutch media and StartUps picked up Sport eXperience. Being involved in the worldwide sports accelerators, we are in contact with the Dodgers Accelerator (Los Angeles), Le Tremplin (Paris), R.M. Sportstainment (Calcutta) and Stadia Ventures (St. Louis) as well as our agent in Australia. While the international network is expanding enormously, the interest from foreign StartUps increases. Our philosophy is to connect those programs so it’s easier to expand everyone’s business globally.

Business Innovation by Design
Because of our international focus and plans for further expansion, we now team with the proven innovation methodology of
Business Innovation by Design. They already have country partners in many parts of Europe, Asia and South America. This benefits our own international ambitions – but also offers participants new global opportunities. The business innovation design methodology is very complete and helps to continuously innovate, grow and build a design-driven company.

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Edition #2 starts in May 2016
Sport eXperience proudly presents the new class, starting May 9. We welcome the entrepreneurs every Monday until June 6. We accelerate these innovations in five Mondays. June 23 they present their progressions and plans during our Sport eXperience event at the SX Eindhoven. We like to present the first five innovations:

The first full body trainer bike for outside: Carver. After many years of intensive development Carver is ready to go to market. Carver is now looking for an international business partner or brand to let the world know they are out there to make you move.

FreeSense Solutions joins this program to explore the business potential of two new smart sport sensors: 1) a wireless and smart equistrian horse riding sensor that significantly enhances and shortens horse riding training programs, particularly dressage. 2) a head-worn interactive swimming sensor that communicates HR, HRV, swim stroke dynamics, timings and auditive training input to the swimmer. Both sport sensors work with mobile apps and data/community clouds.

Cycling on ice is an amazing experience – with the right equipment. Icebyk has developed a range of bikes which are fun, fast, safe and suitable for practically anyone. Now it is time to introduce them to the world!

I am traveling, I want to play golf. I connect to the application that allows me to find and compare all the golf courses nearby, availability and equipments. I also rent my equipment, find a partner and directly book my greenfee on my smartphone or online. This example shows what this international platform will be for any sports.

SCOUTEE is the world’s first connected speed radar gun, app & cloud-based platform (LinkedIn for Athletes). SCOUTEE provides verified speed measurements and other characteristics of athletic performance, as well as features such as video recording, history, sharing and video analysis with training hints.

Besides these entrepreneurs, we also have three more (inter)national entrepreneurs participating in the sessions. We keep you posted on the progression. And we are still open for one sports innovation to join. Click here to read more.

Download now our Sport eXperience leaflet by clicking here, and read what’s Sport eXperience all about.

Are Sport StartUps the new sports associations?
In recent research around 130 Dutch Sports StartUps were identified. When analysing the results, we saw the impact of StartUps grow, concerning organising competitions and networking. This has an immediate effect on the way sports associations are currently operating. Associations also have to invent themselves. StartUps launching sports communities are growing day by day and playing an increasingly important role in the future.
In the same research, new technologies such as Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Robotics and Virtual Reality don’t find their way yet into the sports. It’s a matter of time when these emerging technologies enter the world of sports.
Click here to read the full article in English.

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 Sport eXperience update #3 2016

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