13:00 Reception

13:30 Welcome by Arno Hermans (founder Sport eXperience)
ArnoHis love for sports comes down to soccer and volleyball. As captain of the regional volleyball team, they became the Dutch champion in 1996. As an engineer, he got the opportunity to discover different technologies in different sectors, and be involved in multiple sectors as well as setting up a Sports Engineering department. During the years, he grew up with the energy of Startups. When making that combination; sports, technology and Startups, there’s an accelerator born. By interviewing 100 stakeholders in 2015, he got the confirmation that The Netherlands was ready for a Sports Accelerator. And Sport eXperience is the result.

13:40 Welcome by Henrik Brandt (director Idrættens Analyseinstitut)
Henrik is director of the Danish Institute for Sport Studies.

13:50 Pitch #1: Freesense Solutions (NED)
logo Freesense SolutionsFreeSense Solutions develops IoT sensor systems for sports and other applications. For horse riding they developed a rein force sensing system that accelerates (dressage) training programs while greatly improving the wellbeing of rider and horse. They present the background, product and market development of the Equestrian Rein Force Sensing System.

14:05 Pitch #2: Boblberg (DEN)
boblbergBoblberg is an online concept created on the idea of connecting people with each other, a place where you can easily share your interests with equals. The platform is used to strengthen and develop self-organized sport, culture and leisure in a new and innovative way. The concept is developed together with several municipalities and citizens to generate higher activity among citizens and a greater use of public facilities.

14:20 Pitch #3: Profitz (NED)
09 Profitz_Logo_FCProfitz chooses a different approach. Profitz serves the entire industry: from fitness centers, golfcourses, swimmingpools to healthclubs and leisure venues at home and abroad. They make a scan of your current business and focus on improvement and growth opportunities.

14:35 Pitch #4: Talents of Tomorrow (DEN)
Talents of TomorrowTalents of Tomorrow delivers big data- and DNA analysis on young football talents so clubs can develop more and better professional players. ToT built software that performs this automatically, has industry-leading calculations, and is easy for club/staff to work with.

14:50 Short Break

15:05 Pitch #5: SHFT (DEN)
shftThe SHFT technology consists of two pods and a mobile phone App. One pod is clipped on the right shoe and the other pod strapped on the chest. The two pods collect data while running and based on an initial screening run, SHFT puts together a thorough analysis, which is the foundation for the technical runs guided by SHFT. During each coached run, you will receive simple and easy to understand real-time voice coaching commands on how to optimize the current running pattern.

15:20 Pitch #6: Ockyz (NED)
OckyzOCKYZ wants children to feel free and play safely in and around swimming pools. That’s why we designed special non-slip swimming socks with amazing designs. We call these swimming sneakers, SWEAKERS! Sweakers have open toes, are light weight and comfortable to wear. They are also anti-bacterial.

15:35 Pitch #7: RaceONE (SWE)
RaceONERaceONE is an app that makes races social! We connect racers, spectators and followers and let them share and follow the race. Using the GPS-transmitter in mobile phones we provide live-tracking, chat and social platform before, during and after races as well as film and photos from the race it self – all to improve the race experience for all people involved. RaceONE also suggests suitable upcoming races and races your friends will be taking part in and will let participants sign-up and pay for races. Our main focus is running and cycling, but other sports such as cross-country skiing and triathlon are possibilities.

15:50 Pitch #8: WannaSport (DEN)
WannaSportWannaSport is a sports service, that connects providers of sports with users of sports. The whole thing is tied together with API’s and webrobots that gather information from different provider systems.

16:05 Pitch #9: Idrættens Analyseinstitut (DEN)
danish institute for sport studiesThe Danish Institute for Sports Studies (Idrættens Analyseinstitut/Idan) is an independent research centre originally set up by the Danish Ministry of Culture in 2004 and primarily financed by state lottery funding. The primary objective of the Danish Institute for Sports Studies is to initiate and develop a broad range of social science research projects in the field of sports.

16:20 Wrap up by Arno Hermans

16:30 Network drinks

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