We believe society benefits from sports innovation? Therefore Sport eXperience supports sports entrepreneurs with their (inter)national growth ambition through business validation. With direct access to business competences and funding, Sport eXperience is able to accelerate your startup in just five weeks. Sport eXperience is the first Sports Accelerator in Europe with accelerator programs in Eindhoven and Milan. We also support other sport accelerator programs all over the world.

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What we’ve learned while talking to sport entrepreneurs:

  1. Not every entrepreneur is in the same phase; Sport eXperience offers the program several times a year.
  2. Entrepreneurs cry for structure; Sport eXperience works with their own methodology of innovation what improves also the speed of innovation.
  3. The sportsmarket is completely different according to e.g. the offshore market; Sport eXperience fly in sport specialists to talk about the sportsmarket and how they cope with it.

What entrepreneurs say about Sport eXperience:

Steve Ellis – Icebyk: “I talked to Arno Hermans, founder of Sport eXperience and he was really clear about what he is good at which is: making your brand more attractive, defining a clear business strategy and getting you into contact with a relevant network. And that is exactly what happened. Sport eXperience helped me to define a structured approach and to increase my brand credibility. Finally they helped me get into contact and reach a cooperation agreement with Ice-World international, an organisation that exploits mobile ice rinks around the globe.”

Alex Serrarens – Freesense Solutions: “The workshops and coaching at Sport eXperience helped us define a focussed approach and to choose for working with a launching customer. Moreover we gained more focus in our communication. My advice to other starting companies in sports innovation is to contact Sport eXperience. They do not offer you an instant solution but they will offer you building blocks that help you move into the right direction. And they provide you access to a relevant network.”

Joost Hopmans – B-DAM: “Sport eXperience helped me make choices and helped me in my positioning. My strategy is to aim at professionals first and make a step towards general sports at a later moment. When I tell professionals about the story of B-Dam they really believe in it. The short and intensive period of coaching at Sport eXperience has forced me to think the idea through and has led to the fact that I actually decided to go and do this!”

Henrik Brandt – Idraettens Analyseinstitut: “That is what we are putting on the agenda in Denmark. We are now going to organise a sports innovation festival and Sport eXperience helps us. They are very good at the business side of sports and in combination with their network they offer a proposition that is unique in the world.”