When you ask people what motivates them to exercise, it’s the performance, the pleasure, to stay in shape and/or the social aspects what drives them. When megatrends such as technology adds value to these drivers, innovation in sports has an enormous impact on our society.
On October 3 we present three keynotes and impact pitches on how we keep our society moving, now and in the future.

19:00 Welcome
19:15 “European impact of sports” / Yves Le Lostecque – head of unit sports @ European Commission
19:40 “Fan engagement principles to get people moving” / Peter Sprenger – CEO @ Techonomy / SportsCloud
20:05 “Innovation and entrepreneurship as driving force” / Arno Hermans – founder @ Sport eXperience
20:30 Impact pitches w/ AISpotter, KeepCool, UnderStands and more
21:00 Network drinks w/ PSV – Inter Milan live
22:45 End

Grand Café De Stip – Torenallee 3 in Eindhoven (just be aware that PSV is playing a few hundred metres from the location against Inter Milan)

Yves Le Lostecque; Head of the Sport Unit in the European Commission
Peter Sprenger; CEO Techonomy & SportsCloud / Chairman Dutch Volleyball Federation
Arno Hermans; founder Sport eXperience / CEO 3Dmouthguard / sportsinvestor Opaalkust BV

€ 25,- ex VAT
please register via EVENTBRITE to get your ticket(s).