From 18 to 19

When travelling, you always meet great people with great ideas. They inspire you to keep on going and it made us rethink Sport Experience. We experienced different cultures, gained new market insights and discovered hidden gems on our visits to Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Latvia, Turkey as well as meeting Dutch stakeholders. We decided to give our logo an update to become future proof.

In 2018 Sport Experience organised its 6th edition of the sports accelerator with companies from Finland, France, Spain and The Netherlands. Since starting the accelerator we support already over 70 companies from all over the world. This give us valuable insights that we share lately with clubs, investors, ministries, municipalities, universities and other stakeholders. We write now monthly articles for an online sportsplatform on sportstech and its potential with about 7.000 Belgian and Dutch members. Another insight made us starting the ‘Ready, Pitch, Match’ sessions where we focus on the match, not the show.

We also finished a publication on ‘sportification’, adding game dynamics to real life sports, which will be published in February 2019.

From the business perspective we will continue sharing my knowledge with all stakeholders and support sportstech companies in their international growth ambition.

In February 2019 we will publish an article on ‘sportification’. When implementing game dynamics into real life sports, we take physical activity to another level. It allows us to experience sports as a game. We will continue to dig deeper into this topic.

We will also prepare our 7th edition of the accelerator in The Netherlands. We are currently busy with the preparations expecting an edition later this year. Therefore we expand and update our Rapid Business Validation methodology.

And as every company, we have some great plans coming up. More coming soon!

 From 18 to 19

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