360LOCK: the smart multi-use padlock

It is the Third Millennium padlock, a hardware + software product that can guarantee the safety of motorbikes, bicycles and more. It’s called 360LOCK and it is one of the products coming from 4storm startup, which designs, manufactures and launches innovative solutions in the IoT, outdoor and professional fields. Sport eXperience supports them.

360LOCK is a unique (smart) electronic lock: a robust hardware, resistant to shocks, dust and water, connected with RFID / Bluetooth technology, modular and rechargeable simply through a micro usb. An IoT (Internet of Things) device able to maximize and simplify users’ experience and requests at the same time. 360LOCK comes with a rechargeable battery (with an energy saving system of activation / deactivation to ensure a long life) and a very robust structure: the padlock can be opened via an RFID bracelet or via bluetooth with your favorite device, such as smartphone or smartwatch.

360LOCK works with a high security anti-hacking protocol developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Camerino. Furthermore, thanks to the Blockchain technologies, a model has been developed for the certification of all operations performed with the device, as a further reassurance of the integrity and total security of the management platform. 306LOCK is also equipped with some modular accessories, such as the chain with folding steel rods for bikes and motorcycles or the “additional case” that transforms it into a portable safe shielded to radio waves that can comfortably accommodate ATM cards, keys of home or car, small phones and their documents.

The ideal, therefore, for those who practice outdoor sports and need a “shelter” 100% safe for their belongings, or for those who travel and want to be safe when sharing the common areas. Indispensable for those who have to manage apartments in tourist areas being able to contain the keys of housing and giving temporary access and remote guests through the mobile app.

The solution, protected by a patent, also provides for the integration of a remote alarm system using a SIM card: further new accessories will be offered after the launch of the product. It is already possible to register on https://get.the360lock.com to purchase 360LOCK at a promotional price during the Kickstarter campaign which is starting right now.

Being overexposed to technology and new gadgets – says Marco Ciccolini, CEO 4storm – “we thought of a solution that could effectively reduce the number and then through a single intelligent device respond flexibly to more needs and methods of use, thanks to the accessories”.

 360LOCK: the smart multi-use padlock

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