Sport eXperience meets Turkey

Sport eXperience is delighted to investigate and give concrete substance for a cooperation with Turkey based company Sporlab. Both organisations see the potential to strengthen each other’s position. Sporlab and Sport eXperience have the intention to set up Sport eXperience Turkey. After setting up collaborations in Eindhoven, Copenhagen, Dublin (Limerick) and Milan, both organizations look forward to welcome promising sport startups. Sport eXperience supports sports entrepreneurs in their international growth ambition through business validation. This cooperation seeks to enlarge the international network.

Tolga Şenel, founding partner Sporlab: “Turkey loves sport and technology. We believe that this is an excellent area for business and innovation. It is also vital to be competitive and successful on and off the field in global sports. With this perspective in mind, we have organised the first sports and innovation summit “Sportup” in Istanbul and received encouraging interest from sports, startup and technology communities. This encouraged us to expand our reach and Sport eXperience is an excellent partner to do this with their extensive international network and expertise”.

Arno Hermans, founder Sport eXperience: “Since our start we have an international mindset to support the startup’s growth ambition. With Sporlab we have found a strategic partner to accommodate startups and their ambitions. For us, it’s an incredible opportunity to explore this tech-savvy country.”.

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 Sport eXperience meets Turkey

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