Do you believe you have a brilliant idea? Do you want to make the next step? Are you prepared to invest in your dream? Sport eXperience works together with you:

Scandinavian Sport Business Week 2016
Price includes all sessions, lunches and event. Accommodation and transport not included. 
Until July 29 we offer the program for:

 € 500,- / 3.750 DKK / 4.800 SEK ex VAT per StartUp (normal € 950,-)

When you apply, we take care no competitor is involved in the program. Apply now and benefit from this discount.

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What’s your background? Can you tell us more about your experience as an entrepreneur?

Are you a full time entrepreneur? Part time? Or else?

Did you ever launch a product or a service?

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? What’s your motivation?

Who’s helping you right now? Who’s in the team?

When does your dream come true?

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